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Dark Fiber Services

About Dark Fiber Service

Businesses can leverage dark fiber by deploying their own equipment and technology to establish private networks. With dark fiber, businesses have complete control over the network capacity and can scale it as needed. Additionally, dark fiber is typically offered at a fixed rate, providing cost predictability and avoiding the reliance on external service providers. This level of control and customization sets dark fiber apart from buying "lit" transport services, where the network infrastructure and capacity are managed by a service provider.

Specifications, Features & Options

  • Singlemode SMF-28e+ Fiber Optic Cable
  • ITU-T G.652.D & G.657.Series Single-Mode Low Water Peak and fully backwards compatible with legacy singlemode fiber
  • Provides full optical transmission over the entire operating wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm (O, E, S, C, L-band)
  • Custom build and design capability
    • Ring or point-to-point architecture
    • Underground duct selection to assist you in diversity
  • Available as Lease or IRU (10 and 20-year options)

Service Availability in New York City

  • Brooklyn: Downtown, Red Hook, Southwest IBZ
  • Bronx: Southern Bronx
  • Manhattan: Upper Manhattan (South of 170th Street / Upper East & Wide Side)
  • Manhattan: Midtown
  • Manhattan: Flatiron / Chelsea / Union Square
  • Manhattan: TriBeCa / Soho / Noho / Chinatown / Lower East Side
  • Manhattan: Financial District
  • Queens: Long Island City

What is the price for Dark Fiber in NYC?

Service / DescriptionMonthly CostInstallation Cost
Dark Fiber Pair within Manhattan$2,500ICB
Dark Fiber Pair within Bronx$2,500ICB
Dark Fiber Pair within Brooklyn$3,500ICB
Dark Fiber Pair within Long Island City (Queens)$3,500ICB
Dark Fiber Pair btwn Manhattan and Brooklyn/Long Island City$5,000ICB