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Dark Fiber Services

Specifications, Features & Options

  • Singlemode SMF-28e+ Fiber Optic Cable
  • ITU-T G.652.D & G.657.Series Single-Mode Low Water Peak and fully backwards compatible with legacy singlemode fiber
  • Provides full optical transmission over the entire operating wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm (O, E, S, C, L-band)
  • Custom build and design capability
    • Ring or point-to-point architecture
    • Underground duct selection to assist you in diversity
  • Available as Lease or IRU (10 and 20-year options)

Service Availability in New York City

  • Brooklyn: Downtown, Red Hook, Southwest IBZ
  • Bronx: Southern Bronx
  • Manhattan: Upper Manhattan (South of 170th Street / Upper East & Wide Side)
  • Manhattan: Midtown
  • Manhattan: Flatiron / Chelsea / Union Square
  • Manhattan: TriBeCa / Soho / Noho / Chinatown / Lower East Side
  • Manhattan: Financial District
  • Queens: Long Island City

What is the price for Dark Fiber in NYC?

Service / DescriptionMonthly CostInstallation Cost
Single Dark Fiber Pair within Manhattan$2,500ICB
Single Dark Fiber Pair within Bronx$2,500ICB
Single Dark Fiber Pair within Brooklyn$3,500ICB
Single Dark Fiber Pair within Long Island City (Queens)$3,500ICB
Single Dark Fiber Pair btwn Manhattan and Brooklyn/Long Island City$5,000ICB
Single Dark Fiber Pair btwn Brooklyn and Long Island City$5,000ICB