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  • What is Gigabit Internet?
    Gigabit Internet service provides 1,000 Megabits per second speeds. Stealth's Gigabit Internet connection supports speeds from 1 Gbps to 400 Gbps.

  • Do I need Gigabit Internet?
    With faster internet speeds you and your colleagues will instantly experience a new perspective to time and increased work productivity. Gigabit Internet is the future.

  • Why Stealth Fiber?
    Stealth has been a local ISP for nearly 30 years operating in New York City. We have the experience providing stable and reliable communications services. We have hundreds of interconnections with regional and global telecoms, and with content providers. We have a fiber network that utilizes the latest in optical glass and photonic technologies. We have the best pricing plans for the highest bandwidth ever offered to businesses in the City.

  • How does Stealth Fiber compare to other ISP's offerings?
    With Stealth Fiber, speeds start at 1 Gbps Up/Down and you get your own optical wavelength into our backbone. Our backbone is directly connected to hundreds of Internet networks, thus providing you a swift browsing and communication experience. Other ISPs in the City typically put multiple business and residential subscribers on the same communication channel all contending for the same bandwidth into and on the service provider backbone.

  • How can I request or signup for Stealth Fiber?
    Email info@stealth.net with your contact information and the location you are interested in service, and our sales team will get in touch with you typically within one business day.

  • How quickly can my service be installed?
    If Stealth Fiber is already available in your building, the current lead time is between 1 and 5 business days. If Stealth Fiber is not yet in your building, the current lead time is typically within 30 to 90 calendar days.

  • Is Stealth Fiber symmetrical?
    Yes. Symmetrical bandwidth means that your max upload speed and max download speed are the same.

  • How does "Shared" services work?
    Stealth's shared services are intended for small businesses and retailers as a drop-in-replacement for Copper, Cable and FiOS services. It is designed to group up to 10 customer connections on one fiber-optic backbone connection. Compared to other ISPs whose networks were designed to POOL at least 64 customers together, and some even dazy-chain many buildings along one or more street blocks increasing the customers in the pool.

  • When is "Dedicated" service a necessity?
    Some businesses applications such as HD video conferencing, streaming and cloud computing applications may require a certain level of bandwidth or performance consistency in order to function properly.

  • What type of hardware in my office do I connect to Stealth Fiber?
    Your physical interface with our service is RJ45 Gigabit-Ethernet (For Shared or Dedicated Gigital Service). We run singlemode fiber into your office, and provide a fiber optic media converter that provides the RJ45 hand-off. At this point, you can connect a computer/laptop, a router or firewall so long as it has a Gigabit-Ethernet interface. If you require a Gigabit-Ethernet router/firewall, we recommend that you search on Amazon as there are many cost-effective solutions to meet your office needs.

  • How many computers can I connect to Stealth Fiber?
    You may configure your office network to connect all the computers (including WiFi routers) to utilize Stealth Fiber. Stealth's Shared Internet services provide only 1 IP address for the connection. For businesses require additional IP addresses or greater performance, we recommend Stealth's Dedicated Gigiabit Services.

  • Do you support IPv6?
    Yes, we can provide a prefix ranging between /48 and /64-bit.

  • Do you support BGP?
    Yes, we provide a full BGP routing table at no additional charge to any customer network that has its own ASN. BGP service is only available for Dedicated Internet services.

  • Do you support Jumbo Frame?
    Yes, we support 9K and 10K Jumbo Frames.

  • Is my connection secure?
    One of the advantages with Stealth Fiber is the fact that each business is allocated a unique wavelength that connects the business to our backbone, and we make use of photonic filters that combine and split the wavelengths. This ensures that traffic is separated logically and that customers are unable to snoop for other customer traffic as each customer only receives their own optical wavelength.

  • Do you offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement)?
    Yes, please see the individual service page for details (e.g., on the Shared Gigabit web page.)

  • What happens if I lose all Internet connectivity?
    First verify that your equipment has power and is functioning properly, then call us at 1-212-232-2020 or email support@stealth.net and we will run a series of tests to help localize the source of the problem.

  • I am having performance problems, how can I troubleshoot to see if it is the fiber or my network?
    In order to localize the issue, first connect a modern (fast) computer/laptop directly to the Stealth Media Converter. Make sure you configure the computer using the static IP address information provided to you, and set the Ethernet port to Gigabit-Ethernet Full-Duplex Mode. You can now run various tools to test performance: speedtest.net or measurementlab.net/tools/ndt. Note that most modern laptops should be able to achieve performance around 500 to 800 Mbps easily without tuning the operating system kernel and/or software. If your test is within this range, then your Stealth Fiber connection is very likely operating fine -- if not email us your test results to support@stealth.net so that we can investigate further.

  • How do I reach support?
    We're reachable 24/7 via our customer portal and at support@stealth.net. If you need immediate assistance, you can call us at 1-212-232-2020 or 1-866-237-6970, any time of day.

  • Will I receive service credit in case of a network outage?
    Depending on the nature and cause of the outage, and pursuant to our SLA, we will properly issue service credits on the monthly invoice following the time of the incident.

  • When will I be billed?
    Your first invoice will be sent electronically to your designated billing contact after activation of your service. It will include installation fee, security deposit, monthly fee(s) and any other service fees as specified on your order form. There may also be a pro-rated monthly fee if your service is activated in the middle of the month. After then you will receive electronic invoices from us monthly. Monthly invoices are Net 30 terms.

  • What are the payment options?
    We accept ACH or check payments. When ACH (Epay) is setup, we will automatically perform a ACH debit from your bank account 25 days from Invoice Date. Additionally, starting April 1 2021 we accept payments in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC.

  • Are there taxes?
    Internet and dark fiber services are currently non-taxable, per FCC guidelines. Transparent LAN Service (TLS) are subject to Federal, State and City taxes.

  • Is there an installation fee?
    Yes. Our installation fee is generally between $500 to $3,000. When you make a request for service, we will let you know the estimated installation cost based on our survey of the building.

  • Are there any in-building charges?
    In-building fees are not common. In the case a building charges us a fee to service the building, such fees will be re-billed to its tenant. In case you are looking to relocate, in-building fee is another question to ask your commercial real estate broker.

  • Do services come with term contracts?
    Yes, our services are quite competitive regardless of the term you select when comparing to other dedicated ISP options. Our contract terms are typically 12, 24, or 36 month contract terms. If for any reason you need to cancel service prior to the end of the contract term, you have the choice to pay 80 percent of the remaining months or pay back the savings you accumulated compared to a shorter term contract.

  • How do I change or cancel my service plan?
    To modify or cancel your service with Stealth, please contact customer support by email support@stealth.net.

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