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Dedicated Gigabit Internet Access
for Businesses in New York City

Fast, reliable, and guaranteed Internet capacity.

Stealth's Dedicated Internet service works by connecting your location directly into Stealth's core network using a dedicated photonic wavelength.

Our streamlined point-to-point photonic architecture ensures your organization has consistent Internet performance and high-throughput to the public Internet at any time of day.

Dedicated fiber wavelength

Other Internet providers put multiple businesses and buildings on the same "communications channel" (e.g. GPON), meaning that you all compete for capacity. With Stealth's 100% photonic technology, your business gets its own optical wavelength in the color spectrum, ensuring that your Internet traffic can run at any speed you want without having to share the road with others.

Symmetrical bandwidth

With symmetrical upload and download speeds, you can send multi-gigabyte files just as fast as you can download them. You can teleconference in high-definition with no interruption or lag time. Need more bandwidth? Upgrade or downgrade your service within a business day with a simple request. Spend your time getting work done, without having to wait for technology to catch up with you.

Direct connectivity to the world's major data centers, servers, and sites

Amazon Cloud. Salesforce. Google Drive. With so many programs moving to the cloud, being directly plugged into servers such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo means that all your favorite applications and software run much smoother without delays.

How much does Dedicated Internet Access cost?

Dedicated Data RateMonthly FeeTypical Installation Fee
100 Mbps$500$1,500
1 Gbps$850$1,500 - $3,000
2 Gbps$1,600$1,500 - $3,000
5 Gbps$3,000$3,000
10 Gbps$5,000$3,000
Additional Increments of 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps$4,500 per 10 Gbps$3,000
Service Specifications
  • Symmetrical capacity
  • 100% Dedicated Service: Load-factor 1:1 Non-Oversubscribed
  • No data caps, use as much data as you like.
  • Backed by Enterprise-level Service Level Agreement:
    • Mean Time To Repair ("MTTR"): 4-Hours
    • Network packet loss: Not exceeding 0.05%
    • Network transit latency exiting NYC: Not to exceed 1.5ms
    • Network availability: Equal to or greater than 99.995%
    • Chronic outage clause: Customer may terminate without penalty if three SLA violations within any 90 calendar day window
    • Initial service clause: Customer may terminate without penalty due to one or more SLA violation within first 90 days of service.
  • Available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx
  • Typical installation interval: 2-4 weeks
Features of Dedicated Business Internet Access:

24/7 Support
by dedicated Stealth crew
  • IPv4, IPv6 (native), IPv4+IPv6
  • BGP4/BGP4+ routing and multi-homing assistance
  • Advanced BGP Communities
  • Static IP Addressing
  • Link Aggregation & Jumbo MTU Support
  • Copper and Fiber Ethernet Interface Options

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