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Pop-Up Fiber™

Pop-Up Fiber: A Gig for your gig®

  • Dedicated connectivity for live NYC events and streaming media hook-ups
  • Gigabit speed symmetric bandwidth, Internet or point-to-point
  • Short-term engagements
  • Reliable, high-performance alternative to satellite and wireless
  • Terrestrial fiber-optic cable - accept no "air" substitutes!
Stealth's Pop-up Fiber is an exciting new fiber optic connectivity option for short-term engagements in NYC. The service leverages Stealth's city-wide fiber network and in-house expertise to provide gigabit connectivity to video, film and streaming productions that need an alternative to satellite hookups for high- bandwidth requirements.

For short-term events (1-28 days) that require live streaming, Pop-Up Fiber is the new connectivity option for the live production industry.
Live streamingTemporary connectivityBroadcast
ConcertsFilm, video & photo shootsSporting events
TheaterProduct launchesInteractive gaming


Stealth's Pop-Up Fiber can be delivered in as little as two weeks to a building or on the street, in most areas of Manhattan.


Unlike satellite and wireless hookups, Pop-Up Fiber is:
  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • Not line-of-sight dependent
  • Unaffected by weather changes
  • Unsusceptible to extraterrestrial activity
  • Worry-free, because it is not time slot dependent
    • once delivered, fiber circuit stays connected for duration of event
  • Free of bandwidth constraints due to spectrum limitations
  • Sufficient capacity for multiple, simultaneous high-definition transmissions
  • Extremely low latency, less than 1.5 ms to reach Internet gateway (satellite minimum latency is 500 ms, and constrained by the laws of physics)

How much does Pop-Up Fiber cost?

Pricing varies, based on your specific event requirements. Pop-Up Fiber pricing will be determined on individual case basis (ICB). A flat-rate price is provided to cover the entire engagement, allowing you to enjoy budgetary certainty.
For a quick quote, please provide us the following:
  • Address or geo-location
  • Venue type (outdoors or indoors; building or temporary structure)
  • Date[s] the connection is needed (start to end).
Send quote requests to: popup@stealth.net or call +1-212-232-2020.

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