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50 Broad St

50 Broad St, Manhattan, NY 10004

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, 50 Broad Street is at the epicenter of global financial markets, connecting with Wall Street and its famous New York Stock Exchange. Broad Street occupies the former Broad canal, which was an inlet from the East River and originally served as the landing point for the first ferry between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

50 Broad is an impressive 1913 building, designed by Willauer, Shape and Bready. Boasting 205,940 square feet of prime commercial real estate across 20 floors, this high-rise edifice stands at 73.76 meters, making it one of New York’s tallest buildings at the time of construction.

This impressive 50 Broad Street commercial building is a main feature of Manhattan’s financial district and is home to financial trading firms, non-profits and creative firms, as well as retail stores who occupy the lower floors. As part of New York’s iconic Manhattan financial district, it is just minutes from the New York Stock Exchange and One World Trade Center.

In 2013, the building underwent a significant renovation, designed to bring a sense of modernity whilst restoring the building’s original 1913 charm. At a cost of $16 million, the 50 Broad St upgrade includes custom chandeliers, marble walls and new windows. The renovation has re-established 50 Broad St as one of the most desirable commercial addresses in Manhattan.

50 Broad St is equipped with Stealth's Gigabit Internet fiber service.

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Building Facts

Fifty New Street Inc
Year Built
Total Floors
Built Area
205,940 ft2
Lot Area
13,971 ft2 (80 * 186)
Zoning District

Fiber Type
Singlemode Fiber (G.657.Series)
Fiber Riser
Basement to Floor 20
Fiber Install Interval
5 Business Days