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920 Broadway

920 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10010

Located on Broadway, this building was built in 1916 and encompasses 17 floors of prime commercial real estate. Situated in the fashionable and diverse Flatiron district, this building is made from sandstone and is typical of the local architecture. True to its longstanding commercial and manufacturing history, it is home to a wide range of businesses.

Covering 97,500 ft., this Flatiron high-rise comprises 39 commercial units, housing a variety of different businesses including ABC Carpet and Home. 920 enjoys the vibrant, cultural ambiance of the Flatiron District, renowned for its acclaimed restaurants and bars.

920 Broadway set the record for highest price per foot of real estate in Midtown Manhattan. Sold by Carlyle and Clear Rock, the building sold for $120 million, equating to $1100 per square foot. This represented an all-time high for the Midtown-south area. The buyer was KLM Equities.

The surrounding area of Flatiron is just a short walk to Union Park and Madison Park and is ideally located for subway access. Flatiron is near Wall St and the financial district and is a significant business area in its own right. Flatiron is home to a vast array of different creative businesses, from tech startups to established advertising agencies.

920 Broadway is equipped with Stealth Gigabit Fiber internet.

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Building Facts

Walnut Point Realty L
Year Built
Total Floors
Built Area
97,500 ft2
Lot Area
5,475 ft2 (96 * 73)
Zoning District

Fiber Type
Singlemode Fiber (G.657.Series)
Fiber Riser
Basement to Floor 17
Fiber Install Interval
5 Business Days