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729 7th Avenue

729 7th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019

Constructed in 1915, 729 7th Avenue is an iconic 15-story office building located in the vibrant Midtown West neighborhood of New York City. With a total floor area of 172,075 square feet, the building offers a range of commercial spaces suitable for various business needs.

The building's location is highly desirable, providing tenants with convenient access to numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options, as well as various public transportation options. The property's proximity to Times Square and other popular landmarks ensures a dynamic and engaging work environment for occupants.

To meet the modern telecommunication needs of its tenants, Stealth Communications has prewired all floors of 729 7th Avenue with the latest in fiber-optic technology. This allows occupants to access high-quality business-grade internet connectivity and Ethernet transport services at competitive rates, ensuring seamless business operations in today's connected world.

The folllowing are fiber Internet and telecommunication services at 729 7th Avenue:

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Building Facts

Owner / Agent
Year Built
Total Floors
Built Area
172,075 ft2
Lot Area
10,050 ft2 (100 * 100)
Zoning District

Fiber Type
Singlemode Fiber (G.657.Series)
Fiber Riser
Basement to Floor 15
Fiber Install Interval
5 Business Days