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1560 Broadway

1560 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10036

Located in the heart of Manhattan, 1560 Broadway is at the epicenter of the Theatre District in one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of New York City.

This imposing Midtown building is nestled between New York’s leading theatres on Broadway, and is a mainstay of Time Square itself. It is situated next to the Palace Theatre and is just a stone’s throw from the iconic Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall.

1560 Broadway was built in 1925 as one the latter additions to the building boom in Midtown Manhattan between 1900 and 1930. The 17 floor commercial structure covers 225,000 square feet and was connected with the adjoining 1552 Broadway building in a project undertaken in 2011 by SL Green Real Estate and Wharton Properties. This allowed the opening up of space for retail outlets, including the men’s fashion store Express who rent 30,000 square feet. 94% of 1560 Broadway is dedicated to office space.

The building is currently owned by Actors' Equity Association, a U.S. labor union that represents more than 50,000 Actors and Stage Managers. 1560 Broadway is equipped Stealth Gigabit Fiber internet.

The folllowing are fiber Internet and telecommunication services at 1560 Broadway:

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Building Facts

Actors Equity Holding
Year Built
Total Floors
Built Area
224,919 ft2
Lot Area
14,834 ft2 (60 * 180)
Zoning District

Fiber Type
Singlemode Fiber (G.657.Series)
Fiber Riser
Basement to Floor 17
Fiber Install Interval
5 Business Days